Capo 1st Fret F 133211 Dm xx0231 Bb x13331 or x133xxx [Intro] F – Dm [Verse 1:] F F I’m so sick of me, wake up and hate to breathe Dm Dm And I pride myself in that, so dramatic, I’ll?admit F F I’m so typical, my life ain’t difficult Dm Dm But I’m so […]

No Capo G 0232 Am 2000 Em 0432 C 0003 [Intro] G – Am – Em [Verse 1] G You tell me that I’m complicated Am And that might be an understatement Em Em Anything else? G You tell me that I’m indecisive Am Fickle but I try to hide it Em C Anything else? […]

Capo 5th Fret G 0232 Am 2000 B 4322 Bm 4222 Em 0432 Gmaj7 0222 G7 0212 A7 0100 Cmaj7 0002 D 2220 Cm 0333 Dm 2210 *Try nyo kahit isang beses tong version namin. para malaman nyo ang pagkakaiba namin sakanila. next time pag nakita nyo ang pangalang Alam nyo na. :) [Verse […]

No Capo F 2010 C 0003 Gm 0231 Bb 3211 A7 0100 Dm 2210 Eb 0331 [Verse 1] F I’m slowly killing myself C I’m trying so hard at the back of the shelf Gm It’s just the same every day Bb I’m writing these songs that will never get played F I get told […]

NO CAPO Gm 0231 Bb 3211 D# 0331 F 2010 Cm 0333 [Verse 1] Gm Bb D# F You’re the sound of a song and I can’t get you out of my head Gm Bb D# F You’re the calm in the storm, you’re the voice sayin’, “Come back to bed” [Pre-Chorus] Gm Bb D# […]

Capo 2nd Fret A 2100 F#m 2120 Bm 4222 E7 1202 D 2220 E 1402 or 1×02 C#7 1112 [Intro] A [Verse 1] A F#m Bm Bm Napadaan, Sa sabungan, May nagsisigawan E E7 A A Noong Aking Tignan, Manok na pula, Mukhang matapang A A7 D Ang pera ni misis na dapat ay ihulog […]

No Capo Gm 0231 Dm 2210 D# 0331 Bb 3211 F 2010 [Verse 1] Gm Dm How am I supposed to be alright? D# Bb F Ever since we split apart, no I’m not doing fine Gm Dm And I can’t lie, my life’s been really hard D# Bb F It’s difficult to see the […]

Capo 2nd Fret A 2100 Amaj7 1100 F#m 2120 [Intro] A – Amaj7 – A – F#m A – Amaj7 – A – F#m [Verse 1] A Amaj7 A F#m I’d like to tell you that my sky’s not blue, A Amaj7 A F#m it’s violent rain A Amaj7 A F#m A Amaj7 A F#m […]

No CAPO Bb 3211 Gm 0231 D# 0331 Dm 2210 [Verse 1] Bb Gm D# Do you love the rain, does it make you dance Bb When you’re drunk with your friends at a party? Bb Gm D# What’s your favorite song, does it make you smile? Bb Do you think of me? [Pre-Chorus] Bb […]

No Capo G 0232 A 2100 D 2220 Bm 4222 [Intro] (Single Strum) G – A – D – Bm – [Verse 1] (Single Strum) G A D I wish that you and I lived in the Sims G A D Bm We could build a house and plant some flowers and have kids G […]

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