Capo: None Am 2000 B7 2322 G 0232 Em 0432 [Intro x1] Em B7 G Am A|——-2———–2———-2—–3-2-0—0–| E|—–3—3——-2—2——3—3———3-0–| C|—4——-4—3——-2–2——-2———0–| G|-0———–2———-0——————-2–| [Fill] (Between Am Chords In Verse) Am A|–3-2-0—0—| E|——–3-0—| C|———-0—| G|———-2—| [Verse 1] Am *Fill I fell for your magic, Am I tasted you skin Em B7 G *Fill And all this is tragic, at […]

Capo: None Em 0432 C 0003 Bm 4222 G 0232 [Verse 1] Em Em I’m another year older Bm C I won’t cry about you anymore Em Em Told my friends to come over Bm C To dye my hair, mmm Em Em It’s not even the weekend Bm C And I’m wearin’ that dress […]

Capo: 1st Fret Am 2000 C 0003 Dm 2210 [Chorus] Am C Dm Am Am C Dm Am You know I— still believe, still believe in you– and me Am C Dm Am ‘Cause every night I go to sleep, go to sleep Am C Dm Am I can see it like a movie in […]

Capo: None F#m 2120 A 2100 D 2220 [Intro] A – A – F#m – D – F#m – D [Chorus] A Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter A Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer F#m D Shower you with all my attention F#m D Yeah, these are my only intentions A […]

Capo: None Dm 2210 C 0003 Am 2000 G 0232 Dm – C – Am – G [Verse 1] Dm C He keeps leaving you for dead Am G I don’t know what you been waiting for Dm C So you’ve got your love locked up instead Am G But somethin’ better’s waitin’ at your […]

Capo: 2nd Fret Amaj7 1100 B 4322 C#m 6444 F#m 2120 [Intro] Amaj7 – B Amaj7 – B [Verse 1] Amaj7 B Driving down the interstate Amaj7 B I’ve never felt so far away Amaj7 B Leaving hardly hurts at all Amaj7 B I’m sorry that I never call [Pre-Chorus] Amaj7 B Often I get […]

Capo: 2nd Fret E 1402 Emaj7 1302 A 2100 B 4322 F#m 2120 C#m 6444 [Intro] E – Emaj7 – A E – Emaj7 – A [Verse 1] E Emaj7 Paano nalimutan ang lahat A A Na kahit konti, walang pasabi E Emaj7 Paanong nalimutang banggitin A F#m Na nagbago pala ang pagtingin [Pre-Chorus] C#m […]

Capo: None E 1402 B 4322 A 3200 [Intro] E E [Verse 1] E Cut my heart about one, two times E E Don’t need to question the reason, I’m yours, I’m yours A I know the others lose a fight just to see you smile E ‘Cause you got no flaws, no flaws [Pre-Chorus] […]

Capo: 1st Fret A 2100 F#m 2120 E 1402 D 2220 [Intro] A – A [Verse 1] A On our way to Twenty Seven A Got a place on the other side of London D F#m E Doing better, doing better A And I know you left a part of you A In New York […]

Capo: 1st Fret Emaj7 1302 F#m 2120 A 2100 B 4322 C#m 6444 D 2220 [Intro] Emaj7 – A Emaj7 – A [Verse 1] Emaj7 A Parang dapithapon Emaj7 A Umagang kay ganda Emaj7 A Ang puso’t isi-pan C#m A Lugmok at tulala [Pre-Chorus] F#m Sa mga bagyo at pagsubok C#m Na di humuhupa F#m […]

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