Pluto Projector

No Capo

Cmaj   0002
Em     0202 or 0432
Fmaj7  5500 (cool-sounding chord)
G      0232
G7     0212

[Verse 1]
 The great protector
Is that what I'm supposed to be--?
What if all this counts for nothing

Everything I thought I'd be?
What if by the time I realize
It's too far behind to see?
Seventy-mil projector
I can show you everythi-ng, yeah
And we're on our way to glory
Where the show won't ever end G And the encore lasts forever G7 Cmaj7 And there's time with you to spend
[Verse 2] Cmaj7 Spending the years together Em7 Growing older every da-y (Every day) Fmaj7 I feel at home when I'm around you And I'll gladly say again G I hope the encore lasts forever G7 Now there's time for us to spend Fmaj7 Cmaj7 And it's sublime with you, my friend This right here still feels like a honeymoon Em7 When you say my name, nothing's changed Fmaj7 I'm still a boy inside my- thoughts G Am I meant to understand my faults? [Chorus] Cmaj7 I don't think so- Em7 I don't think I'm meant to understand myself Fmaj7 Maybe you- do And that's good for you G Maybe in time G7 Maybe one day Cmaj7 Em7 Fmaj7 I'll do the same G (I'll do the same G7 I'll do the same Cmaj7 I'll do the same)