Chords Used

D 2220
F#m 2120
Bm 4222
A 2100
G 0232
Gm 0231
E 1402

Capo: 1st fret
scroll Autoscroll 0 1 2
[Verse 1]
        D              F#m   
I had a think about my oldest friends
     Bm          A   
Now, I no longer hang with them
      G                Gm
And I can't wait to be home again

        D                  F#m           Bm
I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge
              A                E
I feel like a five, I can't pretend
                       A                A  A
But if I get my **** together this year maybe
I'll be a ten
         F#m         Bm                 A  
Help myself a little better 'cause it's getting tiring

E                              A 
and I can't wait for the summer
Now, I'm gonna need a moment

          F#m             Bm    A   
I did it again, I did it again...
No control over my emotions
E                  A 
One year on and I still can't focus
I did it again (Yeah)
  F#m               Bm     A   
I did it, I did it again....
E                            A 
12 rounds in, fight solo but nobody wins when it ends

         D           F#m   
We'll be placing memories in frames
  Bm            A                 G             Gm
Invitin' people round to stay and always owning up to things (To things)

'Cause, after all, I guess
   F#m          Bm
It all depends upon the people
    A                       E   
You choose and where you're from
[Verse 2]
If so, I've been so lucky, so far, it's outrageous
I won't complain
            F#m           Bm             A                  E
I'll give myself a little credit since I dealt with all the pain
Yeah, I turn superhero
I'm coming in

Bruce Wayne
                F#m             Bm    A
Yeah, I did it again, I did it again...
But this time I took control

And turned my **** 'round
Sometimes you gotta cut a ***** out

I'm livin' again, yeah
    F#m                 Bm    A   
I'm livin', I'm livin' again...

E     A 
D   F#m   Bm   A   E      A 

[Verse 3]
        D                    F#m   
now I'm safe and sound where I belong
        Bm                 A   
It took all my strength to carry on
                G                  Gm
And though it's still hard work to find the words

I'm still gonna write this ****** song

'Cause, after all, I guess
   F#m          Bm
It all depends upon the people
    A                       E    A
You choose and where you're from...

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