No Capo Cmaj 0002 Em 0202 or 0432 Fmaj7 5500 (cool-sounding chord) G 0232 G7 0212 [Verse 1] Cmaj7 The great protector Em7 Is that what I’m supposed to be–? Fmaj7 What if all this counts for nothing Everything I thought I’d be? G What if by the time I realize G7 It’s too far […]

Capo 1st Fret Am 2000 Dm 2210 [Verse 1] Am Dm Am Boy, tell me, can you take my breath away? Dm Cruisin’ down a heart-shaped highway Am Dm Am Got you swervin’ lane-to-lane, don’t hit the brakes Dm ‘Cause I’m feelin’ so safe [Pre-Chorus] Am Dm I’ll be your baby, on a Sunday Am […]

No Capo Fm 1013 F 2010 C 0003 Am 2000 [Intro] C – F C – F [Chorus] C F An-hi-a ko diri sa balay C F Kay gimingaw na ko nimo gamay C Ayaw na pagdugay-dugay F Pagdali na’g anhi kay C F PAUSE Ganahan ko kitang duha diri mugpahuway [Verse 1] C F […]

No Capo F 2010 Dm 2210 C 0003 C7 0001 Bb 3211 [Intro] F – Dm – C – C [Verse 1] F Just stop your crying Dm It’s a sign of the ti-mes C Welcome to the final show C Hope you’re wearing your best clothes F You can’t bribe the door Dm On […]

No Capo C 0003 G 0232 D 2220 [Intro] C – G – D C – G – D [Verse 1] C I don’t want to go G D But I can’t afford to miss this flight C I paid money I don’t have G D Just to see your face for the night C […]

Capo 1st Fret Am 2000 G 0232 F 2010 Dm 2210 A 2100 [Intro] Am – G – F Am – G – F [Verse 1] Am G What do you mean? Dm I’m sorry by- the way PAUSE Never coming back down Am G Can’t you see Dm I could but wouldn’t stay Dm […]

No Capo G 0232 D 2220 Em 0432 [Intro] G – D-Em – D-G – D-Em D-G – D-Em – D-G – D-Em *I’m not gonna include the passing D chord in the verse because it will confuse you just practice the intro and you’ll soon get it. [Verse 1] G When I hold you […]

Capo 1st Fret F 133211 Dm xx0231 Bb x13331 or x133xxx [Intro] F – Dm [Verse 1:] F F I’m so sick of me, wake up and hate to breathe Dm Dm And I pride myself in that, so dramatic, I’ll?admit F F I’m so typical, my life ain’t difficult Dm Dm But I’m so […]

No Capo G 0232 Am 2000 Em 0432 C 0003 [Intro] G – Am – Em [Verse 1] G You tell me that I’m complicated Am And that might be an understatement Em Em Anything else? G You tell me that I’m indecisive Am Fickle but I try to hide it Em C Anything else? […]

Capo 5th Fret G 0232 Am 2000 B 4322 Bm 4222 Em 0432 Gmaj7 0222 G7 0212 A7 0100 Cmaj7 0002 D 2220 Cm 0333 Dm 2210 *Try nyo kahit isang beses tong version namin. para malaman nyo ang pagkakaiba namin sakanila. next time pag nakita nyo ang pangalang Alam nyo na. :) [Verse […]

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