Capo: None F 2010 C 0003 Am 2000 [Verse 1] Kumapit sa akin Di bibitawan Tayo’y patungo Sa kawalan Ang kadiliman Ang bumabalot Ako ang ‘yong ilaw Kaya’t wag ng matakot [Pre-Chorus] O aking ilang Tayo ay lulutang [Chorus] O kalawakan Ilang Di pakakawalan Bilang Ikaw ang kalawakan Ilang ilang Di pakakawalan [Verse 2] Sabay […]

Capo: None E 1402 or 1×02 A 2100 [Verse 1] E Looking in the mirror again and again E Wishing the reflection would tell me something A I, I can’t get a hold of myself A I can’t get outta this situation E E Walking in a straight line thinking about last time This time […]

Capo: None Bm 4222 D 2220 Em 0432 G 0232 [Intro] Bm D Em PAUSE If you don’t wanna see me [Verse 1] Em Bm Did a full one-eighty, crazy G Thinking ’bout the way D A Em Bm I was did the heartbreak change me? Maybe G D A But look at where I […]

Capo: 1st Fret Dm 2210 Am 2000 Bb 3211 C 0003 F 2010 Gm 0231 [Verse 1] *Yes, the timing for the A chord is kinda weird. I know lol. Dm Am Hello my friend, it’s been a while Bb C It’s been a minute since I passed you by Dm Am Same cities but […]

Capo: 2nd Fret Cmaj7 x3200x D x5400x D x5403x Am x02210 [Intro] Cmaj7 – D Cmaj7 – D [Verse 1] Cmaj7 D Oo di mo naman malalaman Cmaj7 D Ang nilalaman ng aking isipan Cmaj7 D Hangga’t sabihin ko malamang Cmaj7 Pero minsan mas mabuting D Manahimik nalang Cmaj7 D Paki-ramdaman kapa-ligiran Cmaj7 Dapat ba […]

Capo: 1st Fret Em 0432 C 0003 D 2220 G 0232 [Intro] Em – C – D – G [Verse 1] Em C I am bound to you D with a tie that we cannot break G With a night that we can’t re-place Em C I’m lost but found with you D in a […]

Capo: None G 0232 Em 0432 D 2220 C 0003 Am 2000 F 2010 [Intro] G – Em – D G – Em – D PAUSE G – Em – D G – Em – D [Verse 1] G Em D Bakit ba ang hirap-hira-p G Em D magsabi ng deretchaha-n G Em D di […]

Capo: None A 2100 D 2220 F#m 2120 [Intro] A – A – D – F#m [Verse 1] A A Rosaleen of the Damascene D F#m Yes, she had eyes like the moon A A Would have been on the silver screen D F#m But for the missile monsoon A A D She went, woo […]

Capo: 1st Fret Am 2100 G 0232 Em 0432 F 2010 [Intro] Am – G – Em – F [Verse 1] Am They fell in love one summer G A little too wild for each other Em Shiny ’til it wasn’t F Feels good til it doesn’t Am It was her first real lover G […]

Capo: 3rd Fret Cmaj7 0002 G 0232 D 2220 Bm 4222 [Intro] Cmaj7 – G – D – D Cmaj7 – G – Bm – Cmaj7 [Chorus] Cmaj7 ‘Cause we made it G D Underestimate-d D And always underrated Cmaj7 Now we’re saying goodbye G Bm Waving to the hard times Cmaj7 Yeah, it’s gonna […]

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